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Ellis Financial | High Risk Investments

Ellis Financial | High Risk Investments

High Risk Investment

Good returns are more important than safeguarding your capital

Lump Sum

Product Stock Market Equities Specialist Unit - Linked or managed funds.
Available from Stock Brokers and most banks Insurance Companies, Fund Managers
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Risk High High
Returns You're taking a bigger risk here, and the potential for returns reflects just that. People make fortunes investing directly in stock market equities... and people lose their shirts too! The level of risk increases when you select a fund focused on one asset type. Your money is then subject to the perils of that market, with the potential to share in the exceptional gains that can be generated.
Accessibility Immediate, provided there is a buyer for your shares on the market. Available on demand subject to the bid and offer price spread.
Ideal Term Longer term investments, when you pick the right shares, tend to provide the best returns of all. Traditionally, the longer you stay invested the better, but half the battle is knowing the right time to sell out (or take your profits and invest elsewhere).
Product Property
Available from Anyone
Risk Traditionally property was considered safe, but right now - the risk is higher.
Returns Despite current high house prices, long term values are expected to continue to rise.
Accessibility Not so easy to convert property to liquid funds at short notice.
Ideal Term Holding property over longer terms such as the life of a mortgage should provide high performance returns on your investment.

When deciding to invest in one of these options be sure to appreciate the level of risk involved. Remember that a long term focus will smooth out most of the short term market falls.

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