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Ellis Financial | Low Risk Investments

Ellis Financial | Low Risk Investments

Low Risk Investment

You want guarantees

  Deposit Accounts With Profits Savings Plans
Available from Banks, Building Societies, Credit Unions, An Post Insurance Companies
Risk Almost none Almost none
Returns Low returns With profits products are designed to smooth out returns in the good and bad years, and are very consistent performers
Accessibility Short notice Accessible but early withdrawal often means a loss on your savings
Ideal Term Any time period At least 5 years to start seeing good returns. (Most are 10 year products)

You cannot expect high performance returns from an instant access savings product. If you need to be sure that your savings will always be there for you, low returns is the price you pay.

Smart Money Tip
If you still have a mortgage you can pay if off faster. Increasing your payment by £40 per month may save you thousands of pounds in interest over the remaining term of your loan. You are saving yourself from being charged interest at a rate anywhere between 5% and 10% - which is a better financial 'savings' than most returns you are likely to earn from deposit savings products

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