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Ellis Financial | Low Risk Investments

Ellis Financial | Low Risk Investments

Low Risk Investment

You want guarantees

Product Deposit Accounts
(SSA's & Term/Notice Accounts)
Guaranteed Bonds
Available from Banks, Building Societies, An Post Banks,
Building Societies,
Insurance Companies
Risk Almost none Almost none
Returns Low returns. Look out for special offers such as Money Market Accounts Low risk options are availible which are either deposit based or are low risk managed funds. You are offered fixed returns up front
Accessibility On demand Your money is availible but your return may be contingent on fulfillng the agreed term
Ideal Term Returns increase with the length of time you commit to leaving your funds in place The longer you commit for, generally the higher the return offered
Product Tracker Bonds (100% Capital Guaranteed) With Profits Bonds
Available from Banks,
Insurance Companies
Insurance Companies
Risk Almost none Almost none
Returns Returns are based on stock market performance. Potential returns are now commonly limited to a set percentage of stock market growth With profits bonds are disigned to smooth out returns in the good and bad years and proove consistant performers
Accessibility In most cases you must lock away your funds for a set period of 3-6 years You can access your money at any time however the full investment may not be returned in the early years
Ideal Term Long term, stock market investment have traditionally done the best of all Some say 5 years, but the better products provide growth from the end of Year 1

Market competition means there are new products being developed all the time. Shop for the best deposit rates. Better rates will always be availible if you can leave your lump sum intact for a fixed time period.

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