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Ellis Financial | Understanding your Bonus Statement

Ellis Financial | Understanding your Bonus Statement

Understanding your Bonus Statement

Do you have trouble understanding your bonus statement for your endowment assurance policy ?

Here is an example of a Standard Life bonus statement. The terms used are the same for other insurance companies.

Place the pointer over a heading for a brief explanation of the term used or look at the question and answers after the statement.

Policy numberType of policyMaturity/expiry dateBasic sum assuredBonus rates on sum assured attaching bonusBonus now declaredTotal bonuses now attachingGuaranteed amont payable on death*Current policy value
B55555555Endowment AssuranceMay 2010€ 1,3902.25%
€ 33€ 84€ 1,474€ 254

Total guaranteed amount payable on death as at 1 February 2001 €1,474
Following the bonus declaration for the year ended 15 November 2000, reversionary bonuses have been added to with profits policies
and details of how these affect your policies are given above.
* These figures include a terminal bonus where applicable. Terminal bonus is not guaranteed and can be withdrawn or altered at any time.
These figures are valid as at 1 February 2001.
This statement gives no extra rights or privileges under your policy.
Please also read notes overleaf.
The total amount payable on death or maturity may be increased by a terminal bonus - see note 9.

Your questions answered

We hope the following answers any questions you may have about your statement.

Q What is the 'maturity/expiry date' ?
A This date is when your policy ends. We will pay any lump sum due and the life cover will stop.

Q What is the 'basic sum assured' ?
A This is the guaranteed minimum amount payable on death or at maturity provided all premiums are paid and the policy is not altered..

Q What is the 'bonus now declared' ?
A This is your new reversionary bonus which has been added for the year..

Q What are the 'total bonuses now attaching' ?
A This figure shows the total amount of reversionary bonuses that have been added to your policy since you took it out. It includes the bonus that has just been added..

Q What is the 'additional sum assured payable on death' ?
A This column may not apply to every policy. The figure, if shown, is the current amount of any extra benefits payable on death. This amount is not payable at maturity.


Q What is the 'total amount payable on death' ?
A This is the amount payable if you die. It includes the basic sum assured, any additlonal sum assured and any reversionary bonuses. It may be increased by interim arid terminal bonuses.

Q What are the 'bonus rates on the sum assured and attaching bonuses' ?
A The rates of reversionary bonus declared this year are expressed as percentages of your basic sum assured and any previously attaching reversionary bonuses. These are added together to give you the 'bonus now declared' (explained above).

Q What is a 'reversionary bonus' ?
A Every year the value of your with profits policy is increased by the addition of a reversionary bonus which is added to the basic sum assured. The reversionary bonuses are payable at their full face value only when the sum assured becomes payable - when the policy matures or on death, whichever comes first. Provided you continue to pay your premiums and the policy is not altered, reversionary bonuses once declared are guaranteed and will not be reduced or removed by Standard Life.

Q What is an interim bonus' ?
A An interim bonus may be payable if a claim arises between bonus declarations. This is due to the fact that reversionary bonuses are declared annually. The interim bonus gives an additional increase in the value of your policy to reflect the period since the last bonus declaration.

Q What is a 'terminal bonus' ?
A Terminal bonus may be payable at the date a claim arises. This bonus is designed to reflect investment returns and profits not already taken, into account by reversionary bonuses. It is paid as a percentage of the sum assured and bonuses. Terminal bonuses are not guaranteed and may be withdrawn or altered at any time, although we aim to avoid very large fluctuations.

Q What will my policy be worth at maturity ?
A We cannot predict what the exact value of your policy will be at maturity. The amount guaranteed at present is the basic sum assured plus any attaching reversionary bonuses. What will actually be paid on maturity will depend on future declarations of reversionary bonuses and any terminal bonus on maturity.


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